Site Selection

Worth Industrial Complex

Located at the corner of Hwy 82 East and Seabrook Drive, The WIC East is within the city of Sylvester, GA. The property has all city services as well as police and fire protection. It is 15 minutes or 18 mile straight shot to the I-75 intersection in Tifton, GA.

It is designated as a Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development site. Designated by the Georgia Department of Economic Development the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) Program offers industrial sites that are ready for fast-track construction projects through advance due diligence. To qualify for GRAD status, available sites must meet the program’s due diligence standards, be reviewed by a third party and earn the final approval of a steering committee comprised of public and private sector economic development professionals.

Categories of due diligence include:

  • Phase I environmental assessment
  • Preliminary geotechnical investigation
  • Cultural and endangered species investigation
  • Zoning designation
  • Utility service assessment
  • Wetlands and stream delineation

GRAD Certified